Aspire 1690 bios update fails

Anuknownuser22 Member Posts: 1 New User
To be clear, it's acer aspire 1694 wlmi
I've tried a long time to install an update for the bios but it fails and the laptop didnt boot after that..
I can turn on the power But nothing changes on the screen, the things i detected is :
1-if click windows key + B something i dont know happens making the laptop dont turn off quick when clicking power (in normal for now it turn off directly With power button)
2-if click fn + esc it makes an annoying sound that doesn't stop until I turn it off.

I searched the internet for any solutions and was downloading bios and transferring it to flash and click fn + esc and it fix itself
But the point with this I couldn't find any bios for my laptop model i just find graphic bios
After I carried it, I tried to do the same way I found it, but it's different, of course it is graphic bios 
Anyone can help me with it please?