SM Bus Controller driver Windows 10 for older V17 Nitro Laptop

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today i installed a 500GB SSD in my 2015 Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition because the HDD got really slow after all the years. The Laptop had Windows 8.1 on it and i used it until today, i decided of course to try to install Win 10 on it. Now i have the problem that the SM Bus Controller driver is missing because in the device manager i see sm buss controller with a yellow ! 
Now i am getting scared that this old laptop dont even have a Win10 chipset driver. Its a intel Core i7 Laptop and the model name is VN7 791G-7825


  • Easwar
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    Hi Danielsan79XX,

    Yellow caution sign may seek some update. So connect internet to the unit. Right click on the yellow caution driver choose the option update. Go with the option search automatically.