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I am changing my computer's hard drive. I press the F2 key to access the bios but nothing. the display after power on is: "operating system not found". help me get into the bios menu


  • JackE
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    Press and hold power button till the machine shuts off. Then press and hold the F2 key. Then while still holding the F2 key, press the power button again. Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ

  • Easwar
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    Hi DAV91,

    # Power drain,

    1.Unplug the AC power adapter.
    2. Shutdown the unit.
    3. Search for a pinhole on the backside of your laptop, insert a small paperclip in the battery reset pinhole, press and hold it down for 25 seconds. Then release the paperclip and try to turn on the unit and try to get in to the BIOS.​
    ​Check this T/S and post the result.