Intel Optane service for Acer A515 55g

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Through services.MSC I wished to activate intel optane services since it says it will accelerate files faster etc.But i get some sort of error when I start it as reffered to in the images below.Also when I try to use the intel optane app It says something about the rapid storage driver,But I do not have the "RST Driver" on my pc nor is it disable in device Manager.Why is this happening?Why is services .msc intel optane memory not working.Should I manually download the driver Or is this an Acer thing??Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.


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    You likely need to buy and install an optane memory card in your machine's m.2 socket in order to use it as sort of a cache for HDDs only (not SSDs). Optane HDD rapid storage technology (iRST) is becoming less useful for today's faster HDDs and an unnecessary costly complication for most users. It is not recommended for your laptop. Jack E/NJ

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