Acer Aspire 5349 has a very weird screen color ratio.

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Acer Aspire 5349 has a very weird looking screen thing, I don't know how to explain it, but i want it fix already long ago, and i've had it for the past 2 years and it sometimes even fixes itself, but that's like a rare occurence, and i watched alot of videos about this, and didn't really still understand what in exact is the problem, cause i don't wanna start doing something what is completely useless to my laptop, and my drivers are up to date and have been refreshed and laptop has been rebooted many times, and the colors thing is still there like always, nothing changes.


  • JackE
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    >>>it sometimes even fixes itself,>>>

    Intermittent problems like this suggest the LCD video ribbon cable has trace breaks in the hinge area from wear and tear of opening and closing the lid too much. You should try installing a new cable. Less than $20USD. Google keywords aspire 5349 lcd video cable for vendors who ship to your region.

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