What Acer laptop do not have memory soldered to the motherboard?

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What Acer laptops do not have memory soldered to the motherboard?  I find I like to replace the memory in my laptop in most cases with higher performing memory and if the memory is hard wired to the mother board I cannot do this since the upgraded memory will only perform to the same level as the fixed memory.


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    The mainboard bus determines maximum RAM speed allowed, not the RAM module speed itself. So if you have a 1200MHz bus, the maximum double-data rate RAM speed allowed is 2400MHz. Doesn't matter if the RAM speed is rated 2400MHz, 2666MHz or 3200MHz, it will still only operate at 2400MHz allowed by the mainboard bus.

    Many A5 series models have only replaceable RAM sockets, not solder RAM

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    Jack E/NJ

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    Hi Nick65,

    May I know the model name of your unit.