Upgrade win7 to win7 64 bit in OEM supplier and won't accept the product key for download.

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Hi and thanks for the forum!

I have an old desktop that runs my favourite cad cam package Freecad. Unfortunately they no longer support 32 bit. I have checked and the pc is capable of 64bit win7 but Microsoft win7.iso download says that I need to go to the OEM supplier and won't accept the product key for download.

1: Has anyone done this and been successful?
2: Can I download from Acer somewhere?
3: Are there any other options? (apart from buying a new computer!)

Thanks in advance

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    Sorry! I forgot to add pc specs. It is a Acer Veriton M480
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    All the Windows 7 ISO downloads were removed from the Microsoft web site sometime last year in 2021 (or they have made it barely impossible to obtain them from their web site) and most likely Acer also won't be supplying any Win7 based discs as Windows 7 was out of support since Jan. 2020

    you will probably have to do extensive google searches for some 64bit Win7 isos

    and even if you do find one, you will have to do a clean install when upgrading from 32bit Win7 to 64bit Win7

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    Yes, you have to do a full wipe and reinstall to switch from 32bit to 64bit. Once you find an ISO though you can do the install using the same key as is used for the 32bit version. Just make sure they are both Home, or Pro, or whatever.

    Maybe you should think about just doing to W10 upgrade, as long as you are installing from scratch. Or finding a somewhat newer machine. :)

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