Automatic Repair Loop Aspire C24

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hello all
i bought the Aspire C24 a few years back because of the good reviews. However, it is now stuck on this loop and both Microsoft and Acer have not responded with a solution. I have managed to get the computer up and running three times using the troubleshot options but even after reinstalling Windows from the recovery media the PC eventually reverts back to the automatic repair loop. Costing me huge number of hours in lost time. Is this common with Acer All in One PCs?

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  • StoppoStoppo Member Posts: 2 New User
    BTW, Acers solution is to send the PC back to them for repair which I am reluctant to do in the age of Remote Desktop etc and Microsoft are very poor at handling requests - spoke to someone in Phillipines who did a temporary fix that lasted a day and then it seems impossible to get in touch with them. Maybe an Acer All in One PC  is just a cheap option with a shelf life of 4 years?
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    Most of the time that kind of issue is caused by corrupted data on the system drive and that's usually traced to the drive itself. There are other potential causes, such as a virus, but not common. What size and type of drive did it come with?
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    Hi Stoppo,

    # Try to get the BIOS page.

    1. Turn OFF the unit.
    ​2. Press and hold the Del/esc key and turn on the unit. 
    3. You will be in setup utility page.
    4. Once you got the screen release the F2 key.
    5. Tap on F9 key and hit enter key without changing the option.
    6. Tap on F10 key and hit enter key without changing the option.
    7. Your unit will restart by itself. 

    Check this T/S and post the result. 
  • CassieWCassieW Member Posts: 70 Die Hard
  • EaswarEaswar Ally Posts: 361
    Hi Stoppo,

    # Reset the unit, (It will remove all the data--->Unit goes to Day 1 of default version)

    1. Turn OFF the unit.
    2. Press and hold Alt+F10 keys(without releasing the keys) ---> Trun ON the unit. 
    3. You will get a blue screen(Title Choose an option). (Release the keys)
    4. Click troubleshoot option.
    5. Click on Reset this PC.
    6. Go with the option (Keep my files/Remove every thing)
    7. Then follow the on screen instruction. 

    Check this T/S and post the result. 
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