I have an older Acer laptop (V3-771G) issues with windows

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  • MilMike
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    I have an older Acer laptop (V3-771G) , not the same as from OP, but I also have the same issue on Windows.
    It works fine in Linux (used it with many Linux distros in the last years.. last Ubuntu 20)! I can use both external screens and the laptop screen together. I wish this was possible in Windows.
  • billsey
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    I believe your V3-771G comes with the builtin monitor, a VGA port and an HDMI port. That should allow you to have three displays active, the builtin, one on the VGA and one on the HDMI. What is not working on yours? Windows supports multiple screens... Are you still running Windows 7 or have you upgraded to a newer version?
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