What are the compatible RAM and SSD upgrades for my Acer One 14 (Z2-485)

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Hi there,
My notebook is Acer One 14 Z2-485 (Pentium Gold 4415U version, don't confuse it with the i3 variant)
Some relevant specs - 
- Intel Pentium Gold 4415U @ 2.3 GHz
- 4 GB stock acpi RAM, 2666 MHz, Single ranked, CL 15 (I think it's because DDR4 2133 has CAS latency of 15, 2400 = 17 and 2666 = 19) (Looked it up, it's a Taiwanese brand). Although the RAM is 2666 MHz, it runs at 2133 MHz due to BIOS/processor limitation.
- Integrated Intel HD graphics and stuff.

So anyways,
I opened up my laptop to find out what the empty slot situation is for RAM and SSD upgrades, and found the following things to be true -
- There's 2 SODIMM slots, both can hold a max of 16 GB RAM each, as advertised in the product specifications. Nothing is soldered in the RAM department.
- To my surprise, I also found an empty SSD slot, which I think is M.2 NVMe or M.2 SATA slot (NOT sure which one it is, please look at the picture and help me). 

Things I already tried - 
- Tried using Crucial's 2400 MHz RAM, it failed and ended up being the cause of continuous BSOD until I removed it. (Funny thing here is, it was listed as 100% compatible on the Crucial India website :)) :astonished:
- Also, the specifications of my Laptop on Crucial's website are just, very useless. They list wrong maximum RAM capacity, wrong number of SODIMM slots and incorrect information about standard stock RAM etc. And NO information about the M.2 slot that's literally sitting there empty on the motherboard.

So guys, I need your much needed help here about two things -
- Look at the picture of the mobo and help me find out which kind of M.2 SSD slot is this and what would be the compatible SSDs for my device. Also, what would be the max supported SSD capacity for my device (256/512 GB)
- And, since my stock RAM is 2666 MHz, running at 2133 MHz, I looked up Kingston RAM of very identical specifications as that of my stock RAM and even contacted their technical support to ask if that module will be supported, and they said yes. The part number of that Kingston RAM is - KVR26S19S8/8.
- I intend to remove the stock RAM and use 2x8 GB of the mentioned Kingston RAM in dual channel for a total of 16 GB. But still, please do suggest me other compatible RAM for my device. 

It is very nice of you if someone read this to the end. 
All in all, I just want to ask help from you guys in suggesting me compatible RAM and SSD upgrades for my device. Thanks a lot for going through all of this informative rant.

Waiting for some replies guys.
Thanks again.

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