Acer Aspire r14: Hello People I have problems with my laptop

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Is a Acer Aspire r14 touch without battery Removable the quest is the I can't turn on because his don't turn on the icon of charge It has it but the power-on doesn't work or give image Es un acer aspire r14 touch sin batería Extraíble la misión es el no puedo encender porque su no encender el icono de carga Lo tiene, pero el encendido no funciona ni da imagen . 


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    What is your exact model, for example AN515-43-R261.

    If it shows the charging led, but does not turn on with the power button, you probably have a keyboard failure

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  • Redada
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    Is the R14 touch but how I fix the keyboard? The button of power This where the usb plugs are charging hdmi etc.