Acer aspire A315-53G-50QP is it possible to add backlight keyboard and usb c.

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Hey, i bought a used acer laptop recently and i wanted to know if there is any good way to add a usb c port and/or a backlit keyboard.
I've looked through the service manual and i found two ports/spaces/solder pads, JUSB4 for a possible usb c port and JBL1 for the backlighting for a keyboard.
Can i use those to do what i want to.
Thanks for your reply's.

I also found out there is a hidden m.2 connector, sadly it's not nvme.


  • christy1
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    Unfortunately you dont have such options. check with external keyboard with lights. Best Backlit Keyboards In 2021 RGB Wireless Illuminated
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  • George-Acer_Retired
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    @ Hi SteffenBF,

    Since keyboard is in-built with the laptop you can't upgrade it but you can check with the external keyboard USB or wired one.