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I need to reinstall the bluetooth drivers for my Acer V3-771G laptop running Windows 10, 64bit. Can anybody advise which drivers to install and where i might find them. Thanks


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    It depends on the bluetooth card :) , if you goto
    device manager ->  network adatpers, what is the wifi card?  (Bluetooth is build into the wifi chip :) ), this will tell us if its an Atheros or Broadcom chip

    Windows 10 should have automatically installed the windows stack driver for it rather than the makers version, but if its not working then you could either grab the 8.1 driver and insall it from ( ) (if thats the right one, if not search for the SNID here  ) . 8.1 drivers can be installed in 10 but again it shouldnt need it!

    If this doesnt work, vendors also install packs but would need the chip name for that L(
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    The network adapter as listed in device manager is Atheros. I have downloaded the driver from Acer support and installed it. The wifi is working but not the Bluetooth. In device manager the only item listed under the Bluetooth is "Bluetooth USB Module". There are four unknown devices listed under Unknown Devices, I do not know what they are, I suspect they are linked with Bluetooth somehow. I have tried restoring the computer back to when I knew the Bluetooth was working, that failed, error 0x80070005. I hesitate the reset windows as I would loose all my applications. I have run the Bluetooth trouble shooter but to no avail.
    When the Bluetooth stopped working I deleted all the Bluetooth components believing that Windows would automatically reinstall them on a restart, obviously that is not the case!!!
    Several weeks ago I had my computer reformatted by the local computer shop, everything was working. Could it be that the Windows 10 that was reinstalled is not a valid version? It seems to be, how can I check.