Aspire E5-573 Series GPU

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I am looking to see if I can upgrade or install a GPU on my aspire E5-573?


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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, on the E5-573 series (as well as 99% of laptops on the market) the internal GPU is soldered directly on to the motherboard, meaning that it cannot be removed or replaced. Changing the chip would require a complete redesign of the motherboard, meaning that even if you had the specialized tools to desolder and replace the chip there is nothing that can be done.

    Some newer laptops with a Thunderbolt 3 port have the ability to connect to an external GPU enclosure (eGPU), but unfortunately your laptop has no such port.
  • CoDunnn
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    Thank you for the help! Unfortunately not the answer I was hoping for but it does help!
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    Notebook (laptop) cant be upgrade. Buy a new notebooks. This time buy desktop. Easy to upgrade