Is an Oloy DDR4 RAM compatible with my Acer Aspire A515-51G-5278?

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Hi again. A month ago I asked for SSD and RAM suggestions. So far I managed to get a suitable SSD, but it's getting difficult for me to decide on a RAM upgrade. I thought of buying a CL17 Single Ranked 8GB RAM as the upgrade (16GB felt too much for this laptop), but the one I was looking for (Crucial) is out of stock and very overpriced from other sellers at my Amazon store region. There was this alternative RAM I found (, but I'm not sure if its compatible with my laptop or its single/dual ranked. Are there any good alternatives to Crucial RAMs aside from the one I found?

I'll attach my current RAM specs below to get an idea what RAM will be suitable for the upgrade. The RAM is on 8GB (4x2).

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    I couldn't find any other memory modules at that price, you have found the ideal module for your laptop, it's compatible because according to reviews, it's working in other Acer models, so I think it will be fine at this price, you don't need to worry about whether it's single Rank or dual Rank because either will be fine.
    Top 9 Ddr4-2400 1.2V So-Dimm 8GB UK – Computer Memory – Ascopa

    Oh I see. Between this and the Samsung one I posted earlier would both operate the same way, given they have the same specs? If so then I could go for the Oloy one.
    The brand does not matter here while upgrading the Ram, if you think the Oloy is the better option than you can go for it
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