touchpad customizabale driver software for Predator Helios 300 PH317-54

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Well recently purchased the above ,but don't really think it covers my usability criteria.

one of the issues I find with it is the touchpad.tried all googling and every setting I could think of,but it is still very inconvenient to use this particular touchpad(think it is Synaptics-hardware id from Device Manager properties on the HID mouse).
However I can also install the Elantech driver. this computer is supposed to come with one of these although there might be different versions of the laptop(I can see only one),but again I can install the Synaptics and the elantech driver.
coming from an old Dell laptop I am used to the convenient app to customize the touchpad and I have tried installing app/drivers from the well known brands like Dell,HP,Lenovo etc. which all come with this software and are at least 150MB, whilst the acer ones ar about 1-2MB with no settings anywhere i.e. task bar/on the left of the clock, apart from Settings/Control Panel. Anything for Palm check? I have tried lowering the sensitivity,but it still switches to different tabs/apps. This computer just refuse to install these proper app/drivers . looked for other Synaptics and still cannot be installed.
Another inconvenience is that I have to use two finger scroll on this one,anybody found a way to just scroll with 1 finger?
not to mention that the only way I figured out so far to work with this is to use only my index/middle finger to gain some control on it ,otherwise it does what it wants to do all thee time.

such a shame for such a new and fast computer not to come with such software unlike the similar specs Dells,HP,Lenovo etc.

and 1 more thing - there is no Advanced Touchpad setting menu in the BIOS (1.04) which is the latest version that the computer came with on it. Found similar threads on touchpad issues about this same model,but there is no  advanced touchpad in my BIOS.

Anybody found a solution to this or to use the 1 finger scrolling?
anybody have one of these task bar software settings on ANY acer notebook? It just seems to me that this is the only brand without this feature