My touchpad of my chromebook CB315 3H isn't working.

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  • bladerunner522000
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      Might your solution also work for a cb315 3h chromebook? The trackpad has completely stopped working. have only had it about 3 months.
  • JackE
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    Possibly but a bit different method. Remove bottom cover and battery pack. Then remove tape covering touchpad and keyboard connectors. Re-seat the touchpad flexible flat ribbon cable connector a few times. While you're in there, might as well do the keyboard connector too for good measure. Then button it back up and test. Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ
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    It's debris build-up under the keys/keyboard.

    Flip it over and bang it out! (or open it and spray dust cleaner and wipe down)

    The problem started for me after a few months of owning it. Slowly, the problem became worse and worse, unbearable. Constant screen close and/or restarts to get the touchpad usable again.

    I had already opened it up and removed the touchpad ribbons and reset them in place to see if that was the cause/problem. It was not.

    One day after wiping the touchscreen down I decided to give it a whack and clean out the debris under the keys. Saw that there was quite a bit of debris and kept whacking it until there was no more falling out. (close the laptop and catch falling debris on the screen if you want to see if there is some in your situation).

    Blah blah.

    Low and behold, it fixed the issue. No more failing touchpad!!!!

    I hope this works for you.