RAID support,RST, or PCIe raid controller on a dinosaur Gateway NV79

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I have a Gateway NV79. Is it capable of supporting raid with a flash update from intel? If not, would I be able to use a striped diskpart volume over two SSDs for performance enchancement?

Barring that, it's showing an open PCIe slot. Could I get a raid controller in there?


  • billsey
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    Normally you can't put generic cards into a slot on a laptop, when they have something like that function it's almost always designed for something special they offer as an option. It look like they did four different BIOS releases, but not were for Intel RST support. Windows itself can do software RAID though and that would be close to the speed you could expect with an IRST system. I assume since you are wanting to speed the drive up you already have a SSD in there? If you are still running on a HDD then a SSD upgrade will do more than anything else to help overall performance.
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