How to retreive data from my laptop old hdd? Aspire A515-52g

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I have bought Acer Aspire A515-52g laptop. Suddenly my laptop got stuck and shut down automatically. When I tried to power on It showed me no bootable device. Then I went to repair shop. They told that harddisk was not detecting and its health is at critical condition so you have to change the hdd to a ssd. I have replaced my 1tb harddisk with 500GB SSD. I have bought a external case for my harddisk to retrieve data. I have some important files on Desktop. When I tried to open D:/users/(my user name) it has denied permissions for that. Please tell me a way to retrieve my data from desktop.


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    If you are logged in as an admin level user you should be able to "take ownership" of the folder, if it doesnt suggest it you can:

    right click the folder -> properties -> security -> advanced -> add -> select a principle -> type your username in the box (either local username or email withouth the bit after ) -> check names (this sets the username correctly) -> full control -> apply

    This will take quite some time so make sure to get get a cup fo tea :)

    After that it should be good