Ethernet Cable does not connect when plugged in Same cable setup worked with other pt5515-51-75bh.

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Can anyone help me with an Ethernet connection problem. The problem is that I got a new network at my house and now my Ethernet doesn't connect when plugged in. It was working fine before the network switch. I troubleshooted it with another computer/cable/port so I don't think its the router. It was working with the old router. I have reinstalled the device + drivers and that didn't fix the issue. When I look at adapter settings it says that the cable is not plugged in and then switches to no signal however I tried to plug in the same cable/port to a different computer and it was fine. it could be a hardware issue but I'm not sure as it was working fine before the new network so I don't know. I have also tried to reset IP (TCP/IP reset with netsh winstock reset, netsh in ip reset and then ip config) and made sure that the computer isn't turning the controller off to save power. I used a random router I had that wasn't connected to internet and when I plugged in that router and ran a cable from that router to my computer, it registered that there was in fact, a cable plugged in but just no internet (because test router wasn't connected to internet). I am not sure where to go at this point. I was recommended to try to do a router reset to fix a possible duped IP issue but this didn't work. When I go to Ethernet settings on windows now, it briefly shows no internet and then switches to not connected. Any ideas are appreciated.


  • Firstly, what is your Acer laptop or desktop model number that you are using and having this Ethernet connection problem with? Give us more details, as its very hard to advise you otherwise and specifically? You could also try the WiFi first (if you have WiFi?) and see if that is working? As putting a new network has nothing to do with a LAN cable connection, especially if your network worked with this computer before.

    Also and with the Ethernet connection, uninstall the LAN completely within Device Manager > Network adaptors then and after a reboot, reinstall the appropriate LAN driver from the Acer Support site for your laptop or desktop. If that doesn’t work then look at the male/female RJ45 LAN plug at the cable or computer are not damaged and/or any of its slots are not damaged/bent and they are making 100% contact, as that could be another problem.

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    Model number is pt5515-51-75bh. Wifi is working. When I plug in an ethernet cable it doesn't work and provide internet. Drivers have all been updated and device has been uninstalled and reinstalled. Everything seems to be making contact. My setup for ethernet is just a really long cable straight to my router. I am considering just reinstalling windows and resetting the device, would that help?