How to boot my Acer nitro 5 to my new Samsung 970 m.2

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How to boot my Acer nitro 5 to my new  Samsung 970 Evo m.2 ssd


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    >>>Go to Bios page with f2 as soon as the computer is turned on.  Image result for bios.

    >>>enable the F12 boot menu in main option. you can use f6 to enable and disable the options.Image result for bios f12 boot menu
    >>> go to boot options and select your bootable device. 
    after enabling the f12 option. 
    >>> press f10 and save it.And enter to exit. Your computer will restart.
    >>> as soon as its restarting, keep tapping the f12.

    Image result for f12 boot menu
    >>> select your bootable device and hit enter. 

    Accept if its Helpful.   B)