Do I really have to buy a Dell to get what I had with the Aspire Ethos 8951G-9600?

To replace my 8951G I've been looking around to see what comes closest to my laptop.  19" nominal screen, 1920x1200 (16:10 ratio) Don't want no stinkin' 1080.  Why did the pc market cater to Hollywood, movie aspect ratio of 16:9?  For reading text or web pages the extra vertical pixels are very nice.  I don't do gaming at all.  I hate the 1080 screens, FHD and even the UHD.

The closest thing I can find is the Dell XPS with UHD+, the plus being 3840x2400 pixels on a 17" screen.  RAM, storage and i7 processor options are fine, although a thunderbolt hub is needed to connect anything else to it.

I can't seem to find anything from Acer, or any other vendor in this high-end category.  Does anyone have any info or leads on other vendors in this space?


  • billsey
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    Take a look at the ConceptD models, IIRC the ConceptD 5 laptops can have a 17" screen with 4K resolution as well. Though they may be a little too high end for your needs.
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