CPU Overheating Suspicion Aspire 5 a514-53g-518d

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My CPU is acting in a suspicious way. Whenever I have the charger plugged in, performance gets worse by which means, my frames drop in any kind of game and even if I'm watching YouTube on chrome. Earlier today my laptop crashed while I was in my class. When I reopened it, I checked the CPU's temp and it was 75C when I joined back my class (80+ while I'm typing this). I still have warranty on the laptop. You think its a malfunction and I should repair it?

I'm using an Aspire 5 with:
Intel core i5 1035G7
512 ssd
NVIDIA GeForce MX350 (2GB)


  • Teksal
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    • Start Task Manager and look for a process that continuously uses high CPU.
    • Make sure you do not block ventilation holes under the device. These laptops are slim, light and feel like Macbook but they are not, they still rely on mechanical fans which need fresh clean air from outside.
    • Consider updating BIOS, but you have to get the exact model of your device for that, Aspire 5 is not enough.
  • mahmoud152
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    CPU is used 50% on average
    Laptop is placed on a flat surface that is frequently cleaned
    The exact model is a514-53g-518d