Acer Aspire touchpad lags intermittently A515 - 54 - 59W2


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  • StarfleetStarfleet Member Posts: 3 New User

    I actually went back and double checked to make sure I was on the latest BIOS after I posted. I was on 1.07, so I guess either I somehow reset that or misremembered. I've since updated to 1.12. Haven't tested much, but I'll post again if the issues reoccur. Fingers crossed.

  • StarfleetStarfleet Member Posts: 3 New User
    edited December 2022

    A few minutes later my audio is crackling and my audio driver crashed or something. Touchpad has lagged a little and actually straight up cut out for about a second twice, but it's not nearly as bad as it was before (yet). The fact the audio issues persist and the touchpad is still being weird is concerning, but if it stays like this I can probably live with it.

    Actually, never mind. After typing that, it just went full-on lag mode. Now experiencing the same delay as before.

  • OK! After updating the bios, it is recommended to restore it. Access the bios, press the f9 and then f10 keys. Then check if the problem persists.

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  • dfernanddfernand Member Posts: 3 New User

    I can confirm that exactly the same thing has been happening on the Acer Aspire 514-53 for several weeks ow. At first I thought it might be a faulty connection on the left click on the touchpad but I am doubtful. The problem gets really bad if I say, have Skype on for say 24 hours that process really eats up the 90%+ of left mouse clicks making them absolutely unresponse, the only way to semi fix it is to somehow kill Skype the proces by using the keyboard or whatever to bring up Task Manager and even then the problem persists with 10+% of left mouse clicks being disagarded / ignored say when I single click or even hold left click to drag a Window.

    INTERESTINGLY when Skype is on as a process, even if I hold power down button to shut down and then hold it down again to restart IF Skype is on when I restart (I don't have it auto run on Windows Services autostart), upon a new entry onto Windows the left click problem is still bad at 90%+ of left clicks ignored, you have to kill Skype process via Task Manager in order for the problem to be only about 10+% of the time. If I switch to RIGHT mouse button via Windows 11 the problem goes away but this is awkward for me as I am used to left click like most people.

    I've read above that one guy updated the touchpad driver by going on the Acer web page, another guy updated his touchpad drivers but realised it was just the same version that he had previously and it made no difference. There is talk in the above threads of updating the BIOS but dunno how helpful that will be.

    To me it's as if there has been a Windows 11 update that throws away left mouse clicks on the Acer 514-53 touch pad given the drivers for it; agreed that when the laptop has a heavy process usuage load this problem gets worse OR theres a particular process that is doing something that makes left mouse clicks be disgarded, it may not just be Skype process that is making the problem worse, it maybe some other process - I really don't think this is a physical button wear roblem on the touchpad through a few years of use, I do believe that this is a software issue.

    Any tips besides the usual 'update your BIOS and update your touchpad drivers (tried that via Device Manager and it just stated that it's "up to date").

  • dfernanddfernand Member Posts: 3 New User

    ok, update. I gave my touch pad a very careful clean with alcohol (with laptop swtiched off) and after drying I went into Touchpad Settings in Windows 11 and switched off (unticked) all the extra ways of manipulating the touchpad as shown here e.g. "Tap with single finger to single-click" etc and the good news is that it is 99% better (with no new BIOS or driver updates installed). I know someone in the thread above unchecked the 'Press the bottom right corner of the touchpad to right-click' and it worked for them. I wonder if it's dirt on the touchpad eiher on top or at the sides combined ith those settings I unchecked that was causing the problems. The dirt on the toucpad wasn't good, there were traces of sticky jamp from morning toast.

    Having said that, I've noticed a new weird problem where the curser lags, then teleports everywhere and then the last window it touched jitters around the screen for 10 seconds and you cannot control it; the only way to undo is to press F7 to disable and then renable the touchpad - it's almost like a delay all the touchpad input that gets queued ad then suddenly and abruptly gets executed so eveything goes haywire, thankfuly this is less than 1% of the time maybe less.

  • dfernanddfernand Member Posts: 3 New User

    Update: It's fixed 100% now left click works all the time and I'm no longer getting that windows jitter 1% or so of the time where the pointer teleports about.

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