Predator 17 Predator Sense gives"0"

Mr_MoLoToV Member Posts: 2 New User
Hello Guys, Think my fan is broken cause this is what Predator Sense is giving me (see picture). Can they fix this?

I am using this laptop as a VJ, playing videoclips.
Yesterday I got the "Blue Screen"
I waited till it restarted and got these figures... :/:/:/


  • Mr_MoLoToV
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    Nobody there?
  • Tachi13
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    Hey @Mr_MoLoToV

    Turn off the computer, unplug the charger, press the power button for 40 seconds, then while turning on the computer, keep tapping F2 that takes you to BIOS setup utility, do a BIOS default by pressing F9 and Enter, then save and exit by F10 and ENTER. Try playing a game and while in Mid game, press windows and it will bring you to the desktop screen, open Predator Sense and check if you still see the same numbers, if you do, try updating the Geforce drivers from Geforce Experience app or from Nvideo Geforce's website. If nothing happens, do a PC refresh. Click on windows icon, click on power and hold the Shift key, click on restart. This will take you to Advanced option after boot, click Troubleshoot, Reset this PC, Keep my files and reset. 

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