Gateway FX6840 comparable desktop

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Hi - I had a much loved Gateway FX6840 desktop, which I used for internet, basic MS Office, small magazine creation via Adobe Creative, and some gaming (World of Warcraft).  This computer just died, and I'm looking for a good replacement.  To be clear about my gaming, I do play WoW, but am not a heavy user gamer, play only "player vs. environment" as I was constantly ganked and spending a great deal of time in and around graveyards with PvP, almost never raid and only occasionally go into the dungeons, so I don't need high end.  However, when I'm looking at the reviews on Amazon, even recommended ones get reviews saying "this is NOT a gaming computer!!!", so I'm hesitant.  Basically, I'd love the modern equivalent to the Gateway.  Does anyone have any suggestions that are $1K or less, (preferably in the $500 or so range)?  Thank you so much!!


  • bristledkq
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    I have a Nitro 50 (i7-8700, GTX 1060 6GB) and it has been great so far. I'm also more of a PVE than PVP gamer, right now only playing mostly Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and Overwatch.  This oen is an i5 instead of i7 but tbh my Nitro 50 is an i7 because it was within my budget.  I'm generally OK with i5s for what I play, my previous desktop was i5 and it worked for me.