2 unnecessary gb of ram on igpu / Acer AN515-43

PuppySnuffles Member Posts: 4 New User
Hello, I would like some help with my Acer Nitro AN515-43. As you can see from the screenshots, I am having problems diverting my RAM onto my memory and taking it away from the integrated Radeon 8 vegas graphics, the IGPU is taking up 2 whole GB’s of RAM from my memory, and this is simply unnecessary. As my system has a gtx 1650 graphics, and the bios is so old that I cannot even divert the ram onto my system memory (of which I can only use 6 even though I have 8 installed GB’s). Even with an updated bios, I’ve heard that laptops cannot really do this sort of thing due to their limited hardware. This is quite frustrating as I have paid for 8gb’s of RAM memory for my system but I am only seeing 6, and the system monitor is hooked up to my dynamic graphics, instead of my discrete graphics card which makes it so I cannot access nvidia display settings properly. Please give me some advice.