Acer A515 Page up/down and Home and end options

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I haven't been able to advance items by a page. The arrow up and down keys only advance items one line at a time. Do I need to use the Fn, Window, or the Alt key to advance a whole page?

Also is there a way to go "Home" or to the "End" of a line other than using the directional arrows to move the cursor one space at a time?



  • JackE
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    Depending on the A515 model that you have (there are dozens), the BIOS menu Main tab may have an option to change the function FN key behavior so you don't have to press the FN key to do what you want to do. Enter the BIOS menu by tapping F2 key on startup. Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ

  • howardt
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    Unless the NumLk has been set, the default of the numeric keyboard is not NUMBERS. See the images below the number keys, the 9 is multiple lines up, 3 is multiple lines down. 8 is single line up, 2 is single line down.