2nd Display turns randomly black PH317-52-51M6)

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Hey Community!

i got a really strange behaviour with my Acer Predator Helios 300 (PH317-52-51M6) and a second display (BenQ PD2700U) connected via HDMI.

The disiplay randomly turns black for about a second. Sometimes just once, sometimes it turn black 10-20 times in a minute. ANd it really turns just black, it's still powered on (the white led doesnt disappears or turns orange; it keeps white). This behaviour really randomly occurs and doesn't depend on using a specific software. Currently it also happens while writing this issue and i only have opened the browser.

What I've done/tested so far
- Laptop Energy Options are turned to "balanced"; The options for turning off the monitor are set to "never"
- Updated the nvidia drivers (
- used different resolutions (behaviour occurs on 4k and fullhd) and frequences (50-60Hz)
- used the monitor on a different device (PC -> no Problems at all in 4k) and a second Laptop -> only fullhd resolution, but no flickering)
- tested another monitor (Full HD) with my acer laptop -> no problems/flickerung.

Unfortunatly i cant try the setup in windows 10 safe mode. 

Do you have any ideas, what else could cause this problem?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


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    Have you tried connect it to as other outer display? I would suggest contact the repair center if issue still happens.