Acer Aspire A115-31-C5M2

Hi, so my acer aspire, has 4GB of storage and I'm thinking of installing an SSD in my laptop to get more storage. My question is, is my computer compatible with such an upgrade? If so, what SSDs would be compatible with my laptop? If it isn't, what would be better options to think about?


  • Leostat
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    Is this one of the cloudbook laptops? If so I think these are just emmc , which is soldered on. I dont think there are any headers for a data drive or me, if you ping one of the ACE's on here they would be able to confirm that
  • CrystalLapizo
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    Ok, if I can't install an SSD in my laptop, are there any other solutions that would work for my model?
  • billsey
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    The Aspire A115-31 comes with an M.2 slot for a SSD and/or a 2.5" HDD/SSD as well as a eMMC. Depending on what you have installed already you can change it to a bigger one or add a second to increase capacity. It sounds like yours is one of the SKUs with the smaller eMMC drives, 64GB maybe? If so then the M.2 slot and a bigger SSD would be the best step up in storage, either with the eMMC still used as the boot disk or switching to the new SSD for booting.
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  • CrystalLapizo
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    My laptop has 4GB of storage, and it's one of the cloudbook ones. I will try installing it in the M.2 slot and see if that works then