My Acer Model Name: Predator Gaming Mouse Part Number: NP.MCE11.005 lagging in speed clicking

MikelainMikelain Member Posts: 2 Newbie
I recently purchased the Acer Model
Name: Predator Gaming Mouse
Part Number: NP.MCE11.005
for gaming but I feel that my mouse speed lag in fast clicking in-game.
I check the speed test on this site:
Now my question is anyone feels lagging is this model or its mine observation or any fault in the mouse.I feel very uncomfortable when i think about this issue.

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  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,813 Trailblazer
    I'm a turtle according to them, 55-56 click in ten seconds. :)
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  • Barkley94Barkley94 Member Posts: 1 New User
    The mouse and you move as one. Maneuvers are fluid, tactile and tracked in true 1:1 precision. Every swipe matters, every aim precise. Grow your skill with Predator’s 6500 CPI, 200 IPS and 1ms response time. Have faith in the craft. Durable Steelseries™ switches are meant to last and have a 30-million click life time. No pain, all gain.

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