B276HK No Screen display and Blue Flashing Light issue

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Almost knowing the 3 year warranty on this monitor had just expired, my B276HK failed with what can only be described as a "blue crystallization screen of death" and instead is constantly flashing at me whenever I put the power cable in. Having looked at the price of a replacement, I figured today Id give it a review with a mine to attempt a fix and after a few months of it in the garage I hooked it up where it worked flawlessly for around 45 seconds, then it powered itself off and is back to the flashing blue light status.

I've tried the total unplug then drain technique but this has no affect and it is still in the flashing state.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have any knowledge as to what a fix on this might be as googling around the issue doesnt bring up a lot of information and I specifically bought this model assuming it was a "business use" grade monitor. Its a lot of money for 3 years of use and as proven with my 45 seconds of joy today, there is literally nothing wrong with the panel.

Thanks in advance!