Acer Aspire 7 a715-71g-57ay laptop suddenly stop when turning on but continue when press any key

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I have acer aspire 7 a715-71g-57ay for two years but yesterday when I'm trying to turn it on it suddenly shutdown after showing the acer logo but everytime i pressed any key in the keyboard while starting it would continue running but once i stop pressing a key even just for a second it would just shutdown then I can start it again using any key but it would still shutdown , I already tried to reboot the system, hope you could give any help or suggestion,  thank you


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    With the machine off, unplug the charger. Then insert a paperclip into the battery reset pinhole on the bottom for  about 30 seconds. The plug the charger back in. Wait for the battery charge LED to turn from steady orange to steady blue. May take several hours. Then try to turn it on again. Jack E/NJ

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