Replacement battery spin 513-51

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My battery in my spin 513-51 isn't lasting and it's time to replace it. I would like to replace it with a higher Wh than the original battery of 48Wh and have found Predator Triton 500 PT515-51 runs at 5550mAh/84.36Wh and still at 15.2V so I would assume it would be fine. 

Does anyone know if it would fit though?


  • billsey
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    No, the batteries are really designed to fit the custom shape for each laptop type. They purchased for your SP513-51 from three different vendors, but each one was designed to fit the shape and with the mounting holes for your system. The battery for the Triton is a different shape (it looks shorter and wider) and has different ears for the mounting screws. The Acer part numbers for the batteries that fit your model are: KT.00403.040, KT.00403.032 and KT.0040G.006. The first a Sanyo, the second an LG and the last a Panasonic.
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