Acer Predator Helios i7 9750h botteneck in gaming? can't handle RTX 2060?

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I recently get a Predator Helios with i7 9750h and RTX 2060. I came from a nitro 5 and I am surprised by the poor performance that it is showing.all related to its CPU. My laptop can't deliver a satisfactory fps in Cyberpunk 2077, showing FPS drops, even with a maximum temperature 86C (186.8 F), I've done all possible energy optimizations to perfomance, followed tutorials to extract maximum performance by improving windows, and I noticed that my CPU is responsible for the bottleneck in the game, easily reaching 100% usage, no matter what settings I use, between maximum of 70fps in not populated places and low settings, and 25fps in crowed places even with the GPU usage in 40/50%. However, it is a different bottleneck i used to see, it is not the common CPU bottleneck where the processor reaches 100% usage causing stuck and GPU Getting 0% in 1 second. the processor reaches its 80/90% usage in the MSI (100% windows manager) delivering less fps but without a typical 0% GPU usae when the CPU cannot handle the GPU. I've never seen anything like it, I notice that the GPU only delivers 99% of usage when the CPU is up to 50% loaded, above that the GPU usage drops along with the fps. Does anyone have any idea why? does anyone experience the same problem? other games that require less CPU (Ark, Horizon zero dawn) I had no major problems, except when the CPU usage goes up and the same happens in cyberpunk, even before the CPU reaches 70% of use the GPU no longer delivers 99 % and the fps drops. 

OBS:When both CPU and GPU dont reach 100% the turbo mode is useless.