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Hello there, 

I would like to lodge a complain about Acer services, my Acer monitor suddenly glitched and had issues, so I requested for a service and was passed on to a person in charge of my case (Ama). On 21/12 I called Acer and they told me they will fo a pick up service for me, on 23/12, I asked for the time it would take for a pick up and was told that it would be in 1-2 days. Which I kept following up until the 28/12 when I called Acer again but there were no actions taken on my case so on 29/12, I called again and a lady was able to speak to their manager about my case and immediately I was assigned a driver to pick my monitor up. And when I asked the driver, he said there was no delivery order for my monitor at all which was why it was not picked up at all and my emails since 24/12 has not been replied at ALL.

I'm truly upset with the service, and of how I was promised that my monitor would be picked up in 1-2 days and I waited 5 days and had to call acer 2 more times only was I able to have my monitor picked up. 


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    The board isn't a venue into Acer support, we are all just other community members. The only Acer people here are the moderators and they are more into blocking spam and such... You don't say where you are from, but in many places around the world the Christmas holiday plays havoc with shipping, and this years has been especially bad with the pandemic restrictions.
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