PH317-53 2019 edition

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  • Volras
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    You may be having Power Throttling, it happened with my labtop aswell then a few days later my AC adapter died (I'm using a helios 300 PH317-53 2019 edition.) So check if you're getting enough Voltage/Power into your labtop. Otherwise it WILL cap performance considerably.
  • nityoday
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    Possible. Any idea how can I check voltage/power that's coming into my laptop? I tried searching for power throttling checking methods but no results. 
    Do I need a multimeter to check voltage from the charger or something can be checked from software?
  • Leostat
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    I think XTU has a icon in the lower left if it's detecting a power throttle or a thermal throttle and the current voltage of the CPU, and hwinfo may also be able to do it