Arctic Freezer 7 in a P03-600

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If anyone is gonna install a new cooler, here are a few tips. The stock backplate uses adhesive which is very sticky and hard to take off. I would recommend getting a hair dryer or space heater and pointing it at the backplate for about a minute or so. (Don’t worry, as long as you’re grounded static electricity shouldn’t be an issue) The backplate then comes off with ease. I recommend installing the cooler with the motherboard taken out as installing it with the motherboard screwed in is sort of difficult. I hope this helps! The cooler brought down my temps by about 10-15 digrees and also brought my GPU temp down by around 3-5 degrees as well. I think this is because the Freezer 7 directs airflow towards the back of the case while the stock one just takes it in. 


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    did you have to remove the psu to remove the entire mobo?