Sw1 011 write protected a drive

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Hello, my Sw1 011 is being a pain in the butt, I purchased a 128 gb micro sd card, and my computer has decided to make it write protected, how do I remove the write protection without losing all my files?


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    There are not very many ways that a SD can get write protected, and even fewer with microSD cards. If they are the full sized cards, or a microSD in a full size adapter then there's a slide switch on the side that write protects. To write protect a microSD though requires some magic. One way is if the partition is set read-only in the filesystem. You clear that in diskpart after selecting the SD card as the current disk then entering "attributes clear read-only". If that doesn't hep it might be that the SD card has bad sectors, so a chkdsk might help, or it might be a failing card in which case you should copy everything off and get a replacement.

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