Do I need the Acer usb recovery drive?

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Hi,  I have an Aspire desktop. Originally was having graphic card driver issues, I learned to live with the lower resolution. Now, all of a sudden( with no change to software or updates), the system would not boot into windows 10. Blue screen of death,yada yada yada, system repair and system restore would not work. Friend of mine has tried everything to get it back to no avail. He said I would need the recovery drive to get it back. Before I order it , is there any way to get it back. I have read that the windows key is stored on the computer somewhere. Does this mean that I can install Windows 10 and it will recognize it as a licensed computer and allow the install or do I need to order the recovery drive. Thanks for any help!


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    yes, it should recognise the key, even with a completely fresh install using an .iso from MS's website and created using their media creation tool on another machine if your's is screwed at the mo. (drivers will probably need to be updated after the install)
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    Just be aware that a clean install will often not have all the drivers, so you may have to get some from Acer's support site. Also any of the Acer utilities will be missing...
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    Thank you, clean install worked, so I am back up and running. Still running into some display issues but hopefully we will figure that out, if not I will be back with another