Predator PH315-53: Display will not work if both NVIDIA and Intel drivers are enabled

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I have seen similar issues in this forum but unfortunately I did not get much solutions.

I bought a Predator PH315-53 laptop just today and so far these are my findings:

1. During initial Windows setup, the display was working properly but as soon as it got setup properly, laptop screen turned black.
2. I connected to a secondary display which worked - and I was able to found out that both Intel and Nvidia display drivers are enabled.
3. I disabled the Intel driver and restarted the laptop - the laptop screen worked but with a few limitations:
    a. Brightness adjustment stopped working, I could not even see brightness level going up or down.
    b. Nvidia control pane suddenly looses almost every options which are usually available.
    c. Adding secondary screen works on Nvidia when Intel is disabled.
4. I re-enabled the Intel driver and again, the laptop monitor stopped working.

Are these expected to occur or is something wrong with my drivers or anything else? Anyone has faced these issues? Any/all help will be appreciated :) 


  • ashwath5897
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    Even i'm facing same issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  • akash_b
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    @ashwath5897 - So I had it checked out by an engineer from Acer. He thinks it because of motherboard's fault. Let's see how the replacement goes.