Acer laptop stuck in 'Preparing automatic repair' loop acer ES1-572

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Hi, I know this question has been posted several times on several sites but after hours of troubleshooting, none of the fixes have helped me.
When I start my laptop, it has the acer logo and spinning circle saying "Preparing Automatic Repair" and doesn't leave that screen. I've tried leaving it on and waiting it out to no avail, it just stays like that permanently. I've tried doing the common suggested fix of restarting 3 times to boot into safe mode with no change. Only thing that's made amy difference is hitting alt f4 during boot but that just takes me to the same screen but with "Please Wait" replacing the other messag . It again doesnt seem to ever leave this screen.
I had this issue about a week ago but it went away after like an hour. I didnt mess with anything, I just turned my computer off and when I came back, it started up normally. This issue isn't stopping though. I'm really not sure what else to do, I use my computer for school and gaming with my brothers, and with covid i really cant afford another anytime soon.
Any help is appreciated!
Not sure exactly what info I should leave here. I have an acer ES1-572 series model # N16C1. Running windows 10
Thank you!!