Laptop entering sleepmode seemingly at random nitro AN515-54

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System info: Windows 10 home version 10.0.19042 Build 19042

Laptop: Acer nitro AN515-54

Sleepmode settings: 30 minutes on battery, 1 hour on electricity

Since 2 weeks my laptop has an issue where it enters sleepmode seemingly at random. It has happened three times so far. The only program I installed right before this started happening was bitdefender (antivirus, safepay and vpn software), but I’m not sure if that can have anything to do with this.

The first time this happened I was only running ms teams (and attending a meeting), and the screen turned off and on a few times before the device went into sleepmode. That would almost be normal (if there was no flicker) because I hadn’t touched my laptop in 15 minutes, which was my limit for sleep mode. After the first time I did edit the times to half an hour.

The second and third times it went right to sleep mode without blinking so they might be separate issues. I’m not sure what I was doing the second time, but the third time just now I was typing in a word doc while attending a meeting when it happened. During the 2 last times my laptop was plugged in and on a good surface. It didn’t seem to be overheating any of the times, it just seemed to be the normal temperature when I checked my nitrosense (program for fan control where you can see internal temp) afterwards.

I haven’t really tried to fix the issue because I don’t really know what is causing it, or how to find what is causing it. I did try to put my energy settings back to standard values, but that’s not possible because the button is grey. Can anyone help me find the issue and solve it?