Acer featured on 01net TV's Son Truc en Plus: Cooling at the heart of Acer innovations.

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Karim Ouahioune, Marketing Director of Acer France, made an appearance on 01 net's Son Truc en Plus ("Tips and More") to explain the importance of cooling systems in PCs, workstations, and ultrabooks.

These are invisible technologies that play an essential role in maintaining the reliability of computers and the same level of performance over time." he says.

Acer files more than 400 patents each year, the fruits of its R&D. Acer's cooling systems are constantly evolving: Heat dissipation with IceTunel and FrostBlade, 5th generation Aeroblade fan, and LiquidLoop passive cooling technology.

You can watch the whole presentation:
(The video in French, you can enable translated captions by clicking on the CC icon, then the settings icon
and choose  "Subtitles/CC", then "Auto-translate", and select your language from the list.)

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