Aspire E5-575 can I upgrade WiFi6 Card? If so, who makes one compatible with this model?

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Aspire E5-575 - can I upgrade to wifi 6 card? If so, who makes one compatible with this model laptop.

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    The Intel AX200 should work since it  can replace the 3160 series which your model supports. Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ

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    Hi, is also compatible with E5-571?
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    TonyTiger said:
    Aspire E5-575 - can I upgrade to wifi 6 card? If so, who makes one compatible with this model laptop.

    Just for some extra and relevant information that you should consider? The below list is the OEM Wi-Fi/BT cards that your Acer Aspire E5-575 laptops has and is listed by Acer in its SG:

    1. Intel WLAN INT3165.NGWG C0 Stone Peak 1x1 AC + BT M.2 (part #: KI.STN01.101)
    2. Liteon M.2 QCA NFA435 Rev 1.0 (part #: NC.23611.02Q)
    3. Liteon M.2 QCA9377A QCA NFA435A, Rev 1.1 (part #: KE.11A0L.001) 
    4. Foxconn M.2 QCA NFA435 Rev 1.0 (part #: NC.23611.02R)

    All these above Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 cards are not the same as the Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 as the AX200 will not work in the E5-575 socket for your Wi-Fi/BT. If you look at the bottom captions and the construction of the two different cards pins, the Intel AX200 consists of 3x separate parts of the socket but and in the middle part E the AX200 has 2x extra pins, which the OEM E5-575's AC3165 middle E part doesn't have, you need those 2x extra pins for the Wi-Fi 6 to work on your laptop. You can try it out? But and from my experience with Wi-Fi/BT cards you need all pins to be the same as it won't work and you will waste your money buying this card as it will not work. Good luck and hope this helps you out additionally.

    Intel AX200 Wi-Fi 6 with BT 5.2 card                                       Intel AC3165 OEM Wi-Fi 2.4, 5 GHz with BT 4.2 for the E5-575
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    Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 + Bluetooth works just installed it today. You can also upgrade SATA (6gbps) m.2 drive to a PCI m.2 (up to 125gbps x2 PCI 4) drive increase the speed a-lot. Changing out m.2 also allows for windows 11 install since it's fast enough now.

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