XV340CK - no 144Hz refresh rate selection with 1080Ti on Windows 10

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Hi All,

I'm not seeing a refresh rate higher than 120Hz in Windows 10 and NVidia Control Panel for my XV340CKP.   FreeSync enabled in the OSD, GPU is NVidia GTX 1080Ti using latest (9th November 2020) driver edition 457.30.  Have tried multiple different DP cables, and both of the DP ports on my 1080Ti.

I've also disabled FreeSync in the OSD (which then makes 143Hz available for selection in Windows and NVidia Control panel), but when selected, the screen blacks out, then refreshes at 120Hz.  When I've manually overridden the refresh rate to 144Hz in Nvidia Control Panel, the screen again blacks out, refreshes, and reverts to 120Hz ignoring the 144Hz setting.

Anyone had the same issue?

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