Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz fails most of the time.

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I have a Swift 3 and having problems with its WiFi adapter.

On the first 2 months, it is being disconnected to my WiFi network but can easily be resolved by restarting the unit. However, it has gotten worse lately. The network completely stops working and is showing that it is not working or encountered a problem.

I already tried all the solutions I found online like:
- Updating driver
- Resetting adapter
- Checking WiFi router settings
- Changing power power management (unable to do so as there is no option for it)

I also found a discussion that the problem is with the hardware itself.

Can anyone help or advise me on this issue? Thanks.


  • mit_s
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    Let me share my solution for Intel(R) Wi-fi 6 AX201 160MHz: Has encountered an internal error and has failed.

    After I updated my wifi driver to latest version. 

    1. Open Run > RegEdit (Registry Editor) and browse to
    Double click to edit "CsEnabled" from 1 to 0

    (If it's not created yet, you have to create a new DWORD key named CsEnabled and set the value to 0)

    2. Restart the computer.

    3. Open Run > devmgmt.msc (Device Manager) and browse to "Network adapters" > Your Wifi-Card (In my case that's Intel(R) Wi-fi 6 AX201 160MHz)
    Double click to select "Power Management" tab and "Uncheck" Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

    4. Restart the computer again.

    Since I started to fix 2 days ago, My wi-fi look fine.