Removing Anti-Glare layer from XB273K Sbmiprzx

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I fully understand that doing so would void the warranty and would voluntarily forfeit any claim. That being said ;)

Is the anti-glare on this monitor removable via the wet paper-towel method or is it adhered in a way that would just damage the polarized layer?

I had the opportunity to checkout a damaged monitor and it appeared to be removable, however it also appeared to be adhered much tougher than usual. Does anyone have any ideas?

-Thank you for your time and any insight that can be provided.


  • billsey
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    I'm not remembering anyone else doing that, so you are pretty much on your own...
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  • DonzoDaddy
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    Were you ever able to do it? I've really been thinking about doing this on my display as I know it can really improve text sharpness and reduce blurriness and improve colors. If the paper towel method works for you that would be awesome and would 100% give me the green light to go ahead and do it.
  • Bonburner
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    I'm interested in seeing how your progress is.

    I detest this antiglare coating on my XB323UGX. Honestly contemplating it.