Nitro 5 fans problem some web browsing cpu temp varies around 50 - 55

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so i got a nitro 5 (i5 9300h gtx 1660ti) on idle or some web browsing cpu temp varies around 50 - 55 but my fans as shown in the pic are a bit noisy and STUCK at 3488 rpm for cpu and 3260rpm for gpu wich is annoying 
any idea how to fix this ? thanks
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    That sounds more like a hardware issue than software. Are you familiar with computer parts/know how to open up a computer without breaking it? If you are I'd check the motors on the fans and maybe clean them a bit. This could also be a retaliation of your computer needing new drivers however I doubt that. This could be fan obstruction or your computer is just overheated and really can't run what you're putting it through. Try lower settings and maybe see if your fans are obstructed.
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    Ask Acer to enable the disabled PWM fan controller in the BIOS in order you to be able to control the fans with any software.
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    did u worked it out ? I want to know if there's solution to clamp the fan speed.
    When Im playing games, for example I have 60/65 degrees at max temp.
    Normally i have around 75/80, but I do little uv when gaming, and I have quiet cool in my main room,
    I also switched the turbo power to max 45W in case u wondering how to lower the temps and prevent from throttling.
    So my temps are ok, but the fan gets on 5k rpm. I think that the fan controler is designed not only to monitor the temp
    but the usage too. So when im getting like 90% cpu usage when playing game its trying to prevent from heating up,
    even if the temps are ok (I know that the temps showing from software might be good, but there is heat around cpu, on mb but the
    laptop is cool and there is not much heat to draw-the air flowing from fans is not hot, atleast not as hot as when the 5k rpm is actually needed).
    Im desperate to find answer since i bought this laptop, 2 months ago. Im pretty sure that pluging monitor will help-after pluging it via hdmi
    (I also got like 20/30 fps boost when I plugged it to my TV). T
    he intel gpu is not in use anymore, the signal is going directly from gpu to monitor instead gpu>igpu>laptop display. But if I bought a not cheap laptop and I must carry monitor if I dont want my roomates to think that there is formula 1 race behind the wall, I would be pretty diss apointed.
    I also did a repaste, before this the temps were getting to 90 degrees, when in same time the gpu was running at 30-40, the heat drawing solution is 
    pretty screwed up, actually Im thinking about making a gap between upper and bottom plastic part of laptop.