Aspire C24-865

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After updating the Acer driver on Windows Update, the following problems occur.
When booting the computer, after one long beep and one short beep, the booting fails after a black screen.
I pulled out the memory card.  I tried to boot one by one, but the same problem prevents booting.
Let me know if anyone knows how to fix this problem.


  • billsey
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    The service guide says:
    One long beep then one short beep
    • BIOS damaged.BIOS is damaged, BIOS POST jumps to Boot Block to execute the default procedures
    I don't think your machine is old enough to have lost the CMOS battery, but it certainly sounds like something is amiss in there. Are you still in warranty?
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  • Danielhkyun
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    The warranty period has already passed.  This problem occurred after Windows update.